Japan - Table of contents

We spent an amazing 36 days in Japan during the months of March, April, and May of 2016! We did a lot of traveling, and we went back and forth between a lot of locations, cities, and districts. To make things easier to read and write, we have grouped everything in our travels into city locations and not exactly by time. Here is the table of contents of all our posts on Japan. This list is updating as we write!

* The Plan - Planning our trip to Japan in October of 2015.
*Plans go Awry - Unexpected issues popped up before we took our trip.
*Gearing up - The clothes, equipment, and gear we decided to take on our trip.
*Jet Lag - Our very first post after arriving home from our trip to Japan.
*Singapore AirlinesOur experience with the airline we took to Japan.

First up is Tokyo! Tokyo is divided up into districts and wards. To keep things all organized we kept all the districts and wards of Tokyo separate, even though some of these locations we visited days and sometimes weeks apart from each other. The districts and cities we visited in Tokyo are:

* Ginza (Imperial Palace)
* Ueno Park
* Akihabara
* Nakano (Nakano Broadway & Sunshine City)
* Mitaka (Ghibli Museum) & Sumida (Tokyo Skytree)
* Shinjuku
* Shibuya
* Harajuku
* Odds and ends and final thoughts on Tokyo

Welcome to Kyoto! We were all over the place in Kyoto, visiting it twice, a week apart, during our time in Japan. The places we visited in Kyoto are:

* Hiiragiya -Hiiragiya Ryokan, Maruyama Park, and Nanzen-ji Temple
* Fushimi Inari-taisha
* Nishiki Market - Nishiki Market and the Philosopher's Path
* Tsubara House - Tsubara House, Exploring Kyoto, and Gion District
* Macaques and Temples - Arashiyama, Ginkakuji, and Kiyomizudera Temple
* Odds and ends and final thoughts on Kyoto.

Nara -
* Nara Park

Mount Koya -
* Mount Koya and Shojoshin-in
* Okunoin Cemetery

Here is Hiroshima! Our plan in Hiroshima was really to relax and rest our feet, but we spent almost a week there. There was much to see and do.

* Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
* Takashimaya and Odakyu
* Shukkeien Garden
* Mount Misen and Itsukushima Shrine

Kagoshima -
* KagoshimaA small stop in Kagoshima before we set off to the magical island of Yakushima.

Yakushima -
By far the most amazing part of our Japan adventure was the magical island of Yakushima. We arrived in Yakushima by boat and we spent 4 days in Yakushima, driving around the entire island and exploring as much as we could during our time there.

* Sankara Hotel & Spa - our home during our stay in Yakushima
* Explore Yakushima - Exploring the local area near Sankara Hotel and the port - Yakushima Life: Botanical Research Park, Wakashio Sushi
* Hike Yakushima - Hiking the Yakushima forest the area that served as the inspiration for Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke - Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine
* Drive Yakushima - We spent a full day driving around the entire island of Yakushima stopping. Lots of Yakushika (Yakushima deer) and Yakuzaru (Yakushima Monkeys) were seen

Osaka -
* Osaka - Discovering the city of Osaka.

Yokosuka -
* Yokosuka - Relaxing times by the beach in Yokosuka.

Sendai -
* Sendai & Mt. Zao - Adventuring in the mountains of Sendai and Mt. Zao.

Isumi -
* Isumi - Our final days on the coast of Isumi.

Odds and Ends-
* Motorcycles and Conformity -