Travels in Canada - Calgary: Day 8

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And then it is here. As soon as the trip started it was coming to a close. Our last day in Canada, we awoke tired, sore, and a bit hungover from our amazing feast at Charcut the night before. There was much to be done on our last day, because unlike most of the trip the final leg home was the welcoming back to the world of schedules, appointments, deadlines, and responsibilities. With the stress of packing up and getting ready to ship off it was hard to find the energy for breakfast. It was much to our pleasant surprise to find that our friends from the night before had made arrangements already.

It was even better to find that this place was to cure to the downtrodden feelings we were experiencing.
Over Easy Breakfast The first thing we noticed when walking in from the restaurant was the chickens. Over Easy has its own flock of chickens since 2010. If your only source of eggs has been from a super market, you do not know what you are missing. Fresh eggs from free run chickens produce darker yolk and a richer flavor. It takes a lot of time, care, and love to produce healthy egg laying chickens (on a consistent basis) but the easiest route is at your local farmers market. At Over Easy two large barns are dedicated to OEB's enormous consumption of eggs. Over Easy goes through 2700 eggs a week and in 2011 used over 170,000 fresh eggs. To have their own egg laying production for the restaurant is an amazing feat and it shows through in the quality of the food.

The inside of the restaurant is a pleasant experience for the morning mind. Bright colors, colorful words, and eye catching decor wake the mind up before coffee is even needed. You find yourself suddenly energized and aware, taking in the visuals around you.

Eggs aren't the only thing given care and consideration at Over Easy. All meats are gluten free and custom made from their recipe collection by Paulini's Meats, one of Calgary's best sausage makers. Their breads are all natural with no preservatives added and are freshly hand made every morning by their European baker at Gunther's Bakery. Potatoes are cooked in organic duck fat. The potatoes are heaven and the flavors stands out.

The Soul in the bowl was loaded with potatoes and far exceeded my expectations of breakfast food.
The Soul in a Bowl - two poached eggs, herb potatoes, Quebec cheese curds, slow cooked bacon lardons & brown butter hollandaise

The Spanish omelet also came with the amazing potatoes and was loaded with chorizo and bell peppers.
Spanish Omelet - pork chorizo, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and avocado with a side of herb potatoes with organic duck fat and fruits

We both split a simple fruit breakfast crepes to finish it all off with a sweet taste.
Crepes with berries, whipped cream and pistachio nuts

It was the pick-me-up we both needed and an excellent kick to get us through the long way home. We flew back home safely planning out in our heads where we would go next time we visit Canada.