New York City: Day 3 part 2 - Ichimura at brushstroke

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After a long walk and many pictures at the High Line, we found ourselves famished and decided to search around the area for some lunch. Although we had planned on checking out the High Line, we didn't realize how long we would end up being there. Unbeknowest to us, the Google New York headquarters and Chelsea Market were just a short walk down the street.
We decided to pop into Chelsea Market to see what it had to offer.
It was packed. After a checking out the available meals and foods we decided to try out some New York Tacos at, Los Tacos No. 1 . Los Tacos No. 1 goes to show that the best meals are most times the simplest. The long line was very much worth waiting in.
After finshing up our delicious tacos we made the short trek back to the apartment we were staying at to rest a bit before dinner. We once again took advantage of Citi Bikes to get back to the apartment as biking allowed us the most freedom to explore the city while getting to our destination. On the way we past the Washington square park.
Washington Square Park

Once energized we set off for dinner. Tonights dinner featured a semi-private sushi dinner with reknowned Tokyo Chef Eji Ichimura at Ichimura at Brushstroke. As varied as New York dining reviews are, you would have much difficulty finding a list of New Yorks best Sushi that did not include Ichimura at Brushstroke in the top rankings. With only 8 seats, Chef Ichimura creates each dish himself and take the time to explain the components in each dish as well as the origination of the fish. It was a dining experience well worth the price.

Dinner left us exhilarated and curious to explore more of New York. We took the time to walk down a few blocks to the new World Trade Center.
You can read all about our walk through Central Park at Day 4!