New York City: Day 7 part 1 Brooklyn

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Changing things up, our 7th day in New York City, we would be staying in Brooklyn for the remaining of our trip. We had tested the trip to Brooklyn on day 6th to see how long the subway would take and figure out the general area, but before taking all of our belongs with us, we decided to do one more trip for a test run to the apartment we would be staying at. Check for taxi's and safety. Luckily for us, the Brooklyn Flea Market was going on, so we had another reason to head to Brooklyn. So off we went!
The Flea Market was located in the same spot as Smorgasburg, which we visited on Day 6 part 1 over on Kent AVE. When we got there vendors were unpacking their goods and only the early risers were checking things out.
There were only a few food vendors today, and one that we had been searching for was Dough Brooklyn. We tried the dulce de leche and the hisbicus donuts from them. Sweet, tasty breakfast treats.
The Flea market was not as popular as Smorgasburg, but had a few interesting vendors. Would we go again? No. Locals might find it interesting, but the items offered were too expensive or complex for travelers. We made our way to the next apartment to check the time and then headed back to Manhattan for the last time to grab our belongings. It was perfect timing. By the time we arrived in Manahattan it was lunch time, we stumbled across a food fair at Madison Square Park. After a morning in Brooklyn we headed back to Manhattan for the last time to pack up all our things and head out
The place was packed, but we managed to grab some food and a seat. The foods were nothing to write home about and we wished we had found somewhere else to lunch.
Before stumbling off to Brooklyn we had one last harrah at a bar in Soho. Name incoming.
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