New York City: Day 2 - SoHo / East Village

You are reading Day 2 of our time in New York City, to start at Day 1 go here.

The second day in NYC started slowly. Tired from the long 1st day and realizing that there was no coffee in the aparment, it was diffificult to find the energy to figure out how we were going to get our java fix. It was also soon to be found out that none of the locations that served coffee within walking distance were open either. The best bet was a Starbucks a few minutes walk away. It didn't sound like much of a trip, but walking around before any coffee my system, I might as well be taking a trip to the moon. Alas, I was the crowned the coffee fetcher of the morning, so relunctantly, I put my shoes on and made the walk, trying to enjoy the sights and not look too much like a zombie on the way. After coffee was fetched and brought back to the apartment we had a craving for poached eggs and toast. Our foodie list wasn't populated with any breakfast locations, so we hit the Google machines to find out what would be next. The best location came up as Buvette, a gastrotheque with locations only in Paris and New York.
A small cozy little place that served perfectly toasted fresh bread and wonderfully seasoned food. The poached eggs were slightly undercooked, but the meal was still very well made.

After we set out to walk back to the apartment to get ready for the day, but we decided to take the long way.
The sun was finally rising over the buildings when we got back. While we waited for the rest of New York to wake up, we discussed the plan for the day. A walk to the neighboring areas of Chinatown and Little Italy before lunch before heading to East Village for dinner at Momofuku Ko. Our plan was to spend the day on foot, no subways, no taxis, just our shoes and the pavement. After awhile we set off.
We stopped at Ferrara Bakery & Cafe a great place for sweets after a long walk.
We dined at Momofuku Ko that night. If we hadn't been searching for it we would have walked right past it. No signs, not many decorations on the exterior. Just a large decorative metal "wall" with a small peach in a cut out window.
No pictures were allowed inside. Ko is a small restaurant, with counter seating for only 12 patrons. The crew of chefs prepare every meal in front of you, close enough to feel the heat from every dish while it is being prepared. Every single plate blended together perfectly. It was an experience as well as a meal. We highly recommend a visit if you are in the area. Seating is limited and reservations are required. If tempted, we do recommend avoiding the wine pairing. The pairings were heaving on the champagne side and much to sweet for dining.
The only downside with walking everywhere, was the fact that now we had to get back home, a long walk in the late evening, but there was still a lot to see, and the streets were still just as busy. A late night snack was called for.
We opted to share some fried chicken at Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken right behind our apartment. We weren't alone craving a late night snack, as it seemed it was just the place to be for some quick fried food we loaded up on special honey sauces and took everything back to be enjoyed.
The chicken servings were expensive and a bit overcooked, (we suspect they offered so many sauces to cover the dryness of the chicken) and the french fries were overwhelming covered in unmelted cheese, making them enedible in their state. I put them aside and vowed to save them for a breakfast meal with some breakfast gravy one morning.

The long day was over, we saw many things and ate many treats, and still more to see and do. Tomorrow we would be seeing the High Line! For our third day in New York City go here!