Travels in Maui - Haleakala National Park: Day 4

This is Day 4 of our Maui adventure, to read Day 1, go here.

Sunrise in Hana

There isn't much nightlife in Hana, but there is endless amount of forest  to explore once the sun is up. The national parks in Hana are popular as they offer quick parking and access to the land. Halemano is only a brisk 30 minute walk for Haleakala National Park so parking is not necessary. We set off shortly after watching the sunset and made our way to Haleakala. Our destination for the day - Waimoku Falls Trail home of the bamboo forest.
We were afraid the park would be too long of a walk to get to, but it wasn't too bad. There are rolling hills that you need to get over but it's nice exercise to stretch the legs before things really get going.
The Banyan Tree an amazing work of art from mother nature.
Across the bridge awaits the bamboo forest.
The bamboo forest of Waimoku Falls Trail
Once through the bamboo, the forest becomes wet and slippery Mud and pools of water litter the trails. It is common to see small streams and waterfalls running through the trail.
The growth envelopes you.
Waimoku falls
A heavy stream separates Waimoku falls from the trail. Although we didn't see any signs stating it, this would be a dangerous place to visit during and after a heavy rainfall. Waimoku Falls Trail is an unforgettable experience. It is well worth a day trip to Hana. It is advised to get there early as the location becomes very crowded by mid day. The hike can be strenuous but well worth it, just remember to bring water.
Dinner we enjoyed leftovers with fresh Hawaiian Mango
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Before the day ended we witnessed an amazing double rainbow. The picture above was taken with our inferior camera and lens. Luckily a professional photographer was staying at Halemano while we were there and he managed to capture this beautiful rainbow in all of its glory. With his permission we have provided a link to this beautiful picture. You can see that picture here.

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