New York City: Day 7 part 2 Brooklyn

You are reading Day 7 part 1 of our time in New York City, to start at Day 1 go here.

We had stayed in SOHO while in Manhattan, a perectly located apartment that was a bit average in comforts and design. We had easy access to shops, food, and most importantly the subway. In Brooklyn, while we would be slightly off the beaten path, with a longer hike to the subway, we would be staying in one of the finer accoodations the area had to offer. How fine? The condos sold for prices ranging between $1,899,000 to $957,000 each. Who could afford such a place? For a killer deal you can stay nightly. We never met the gentleman who owned the location, but his home revealed he lived a very adventurous life.
The interior was colorfully decorated, a bohemian chic atmosphere with bits of modern pieces spread throughout.
Everyone knows that the real reason anyone pays millions for any kind of building, is all about the view and the view was killer.
Large bay windows across the wall showcasing the gorgeous Manahattan skyline.
The balcony allowed for ample seating while enjoying the views.
Each bedroom had a private balcony showcasing Brooklyn.
Afte resting our feet and wiping the drool off our mouths (we expected something nice, but this was beyond our expectations) We decided to stroll around to find something to eat.
Our dining experience for the night was found about a 10 minute walk away - Aurora. Committed to freshly made Italian food, we were excited to try. We happened to be there on Mother's day, so it was full, but we enjoyed a short wait at the bar.
Name of drinks go here.
Scrumptios meal left our belly's full and happy, we decided to take a short walk down to Grand Ferry Park to enjoy the sunset.
Enjoying the views at night from our Brooklyn airbnb hide out.
First night in Brooklyn was complete, carry on to our 8th day and first morning waking up to the Beautiful New York sun rise over the city.