New York City: Day 6 part 2 Times Square

You are reading Day 6 part 2 of our time in New York City, to start at Day 1 go here.

While the morning was bright, beautiful, and warm, as soon as we left Brooklyn the weather turned gloomy and cold. After a much needed rest we set out for a late dinner. It was decided that we were would try some good ol fashioned New York style pizza, and while doing so, check out the infamous Times Square.
We choose NY Pizza Suprema based on the yelp reviews. It was not a decision we spent a lot of time on. It was last minute, and we felt that from the reviews it was what we were looking for.
Looking for a review of the pizza? Well, it was pizza. Unless it was dropped on the floor it's going to taste good one way or the other.
Our trip around times square was navigated by food. We weren't looking for the NBC Observation Deck. It just happened to be next to Bouchon Bakery. :)
Out of all the stores and shops in Times Square (and there are tons) the only one we went searching for and spent some time in was Nintendo World!
And then Times Square was over and we were back at our apartment in SoHo exhausted but still awake from the coffee at Bouchon Bakery. Was Times Square worth the visit? Possibly. If you are crunched for time, it's worth skipping over. If you have been to Las Vegas and walked the strip, it's pretty much what Times Square is like, just a bit darker, dirtier, more people, and no Casinos. It's best to have a destination in mind when there.

Since we were still wide awake and the night was young, it sounded like a perfect time for a relaxing drink in a local bar. It may sound a bit hipsterish, but I really wanted to take a look at what a New York Mixology bar was like, so we walked a couple blocks down to ECC - Experimental Cocktail Club for a night cap.
And that ended our 6th day. Be sure to read Day 7, when we leave Manhattan and go to Brooklyn!