New York City: Day 3 part 1 - the High Line

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A beautiful sunrise to wake up to. We had been worried about the weather when planning our trip, but everyday so far had been perfection. Clear, sunny, blue skies. It was a perfect day to visit the High Line.

After our long walk on day 2 we decided that walking may not be the easiest way to get around. Still determined to avoid the subway and taxi for the time being, we decided to investigate Citibike.
Citibike is the largest bike sharing program in the United States, and was sponsored in a large part by Citigroup. For a city such as New York, it's a really awesome and feasible concept. Citibike docking stations are all over Manhattan, and as someone who wants to use one, all you need to do is find a docking station and swipe your credit card to set up an account. The daily rates are comparable to other bike rental shops in the area, however, because you can return your bike to any docking station, it makes it much more conveinent. We decided to try out a daily pass to see how it works for one day in New York, and we ended up signing up for the 7 day pass. There are issues with the system, in example, a few of the docks for individual bikes don't work correctly. If the docking station doesn't register your bike, you have to find another dock that will. Sometimes this isn't an issue, but when it is, it leads to the next big problem. A shortage of docking stations. There are tons of citibikes in Manhattan, and sometimes it felt like there were more bikes than docks. If you can't find a dock that works you have to find another docking station. While this may be as simple as getting to a station right down the street, tourist may not know excactly where they are, and getting into the app can be a bit time consuming if you have your phone stashed away in a back pack.

Each biker is allowed 30 minutes on a bike. This doesn't sound like much, but it really is more than enough time to get to where you need to be. In the entire time that we rented the bikes, we only had one situation where we ran out of time because the dock we went to was full. We contacted Citibike about this and they refunded our "late fee". The system really is awesome and we highly recommend giving it a try if you want a quick way to get around the local area. We undocked our bikes and took off towards the High Line.
They have a strict no standing law in place in NYC. Those caught are shot on sight.... ;D
The High Line is this amazing 1.45 mile section of elevated railraid tracks that was repurposed to a public space. We could fill up a page and a half of info on the high line, but we decided to fill it up with pictures instead. If you want more information we highly recommend checking out the WIKI and their website Friends of the High Line.
The High Line is an incredible treasure in New York and if you are in the area take the time to visit.

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