New York City: Day 5 Touring NYC

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The rain and gloomy clouds still lingered when we awoke on our fifth day in Manhattan. We were getting close to our last nights in Manhattan, and we would be departing for Brooklyn soon. We wanted to be sure to see the things we might have avoided and figured that it was perfect weather to check out the touristy parts of New York. Our plan was to ride citibikes down to the south end of Manhattan then up the west side checking out Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty and anything else we could find along the way.
We were pretty suprised at the crowd around the charging bull. We noticed that the majority of the crowd wanted to get proof that the bull was male. It was... amusing to watch.
This is were they grow children. Apparently dangerous crops. They have odd fences built around them to keep them from escaping.
The statue of liberty.
The American Merchant Mariners' Memorial located just a short distance from the viewing point of the Statue of liberty is the most haunting memorial we've personally ever seen. The bronze sculpture depicts four merchant seamen with their sinking vessel after it had been attacked by a U-boat during World War II. One of the seamen is in the water, and is covered by the sea with each high tide. The sculpture is loosely based on a real photograph of crewmen of the SS Muskogee that was taken by the commander of an attacking submarine. All died at sea.
We stumbled upon the a mysterious little park in the middle of skyscrapers and apartment buildings. There was no indication of the magical little place in the middle of "nowhere". We found out after it was the Irish Hunger Memorial. It was dedicated to raising awareness of the Great Irish Famine, which killed over a million people in Ireland between 1845 and 1852. It is a uniquely landscaped plot, which utilizes stones, soil, and native vegetation brought in from the western coast of Ireland and contains stones from all of the different counties of Ireland.

After a long bike yard across the city, racing the rain, we went to lunch at the infamous Katz's Deli!

After a filling lunch we spent some more time exploring the local area until dinner.
If you find yourself near Gasoline Alley Coffee, treat yourself to a Chai Tea Latte. The best chai tea latte we found in Manhattan during our short visit.
We had dinner at WD-50 a pioneering modern restuarant that will be closing its doors at its currently location in November of 2014. It was in many ways a culinary laboratory. The dishes changed constantly, and we found them to be a very unique and rewarding experience that we were delighted to take part in.
That's the end of our rainy 5th day! Check out our time at Smorgasburg on Day 6 part 1