Travels in Maui – Honokoha Bay and Napili Beach: Day 8 & 9

This is Day 8 & 9 of our Maui adventure, to read Day 1, go here.
Sunrise over Haiku.

Heading to Honokoha Bay to do some more snorkeling and search for more perfect spots. We chanced upon a small shop that turned out to be a former plantation for coffee in Lahaina.
Maui Grown Coffee
We had coffee and treats. Fresh donuts, cinnamon rolls and a tropical muffin.
We had a nice view of the old coffee plantation on the hill. The 500-acre estate grows several varieties of Arabica coffees, MauiGrown tm Coffee, Inc. was established in 2003 by James (Kimo) Falconer. From 1988 through 2001, the farm was operated as Kaanapali Estate Coffee, a diversified AG project of Pioneer Mill Sugar Company. As director of Agricultural research for Pioneer Mill at the time, Kimo was instrumental in the genesis of this coffee. After Pioneer Mill Company and Kaanapali Estate Coffee closed their operations in 2001, it was Falconers dream to revive the coffee farm. His hard work and dedication led to Maui Grown Coffee harvesting its first crop in 2004.

We drove further up the coast, past Napali. The first place we had looked at a few days prior. Past the hotels. Past the houses. Past the rows and rows of cars that were parked out. We found Napali and drove into town to find a place to park but couldn't find a parking space that was not private property. We got back in our car and headed even further up the coast. Past everything until we found the freeway turnout that led down to Honokoha Bay. From what we saw online this was to be the best spot to go snorkeling. The walk down was through a forest and a nice walk in itself. So much lush green near a freeway.
Honokoha Bay
Walking the path to Honokoha off the side of the highway.
Lush, beautiful trees all around us.
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Honokoha Bay was a very rocky area, no sand, and although the day we went there was nice, the sea itself was busy. Waves big enough to surf on would hit the mountains. We swam out slowly, blind from the dust and dirt and wood that filled the bay. We had to swim a long way out before the water cleared up, and even then the visibility was very low. This looked like a good spot to snorkel when the visibility is better, as there were many schools of fish and lots of turtles to be seen. At one point we almost collided into a sea turtle that had to be bigger than 4 feet long! Unfortunately, we had to cut the trip short due to the visibility. It was just too hard to see and we weren't comfortable going too far away from the coast in such conditions.
A view of the sun on the way back.
Makuleia Bay
Makuleia bay is right next to Honokoha Bay and a location with a beach that comfortable to walk on barefoot. We didn't snorkel here but took the time to walk along the beach barefoot and explore.
Rocks on the beach.We headed back to Lauahuna to find some lunch.
Walking the small strip of Lahaina.
The ship in the distance. The view from the "boardwalk"
All that snorkeling made us hungry for some grub. After looking around we decided on Cool Cat Cafe which was located upstairs.
Marilyn burger - melted Jack cheese and mild green Ortega chili. Dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, sweet Maui onions, and thousand island dressing.

Don Ho- Our burger with bacon and Jack cheese, with pineapple and sweet Hawaiian sauce.
Adult pink lemonade.
Banana Fosters adult shake - Tuaca and Banana Liquor blended with fresh banana, Roselani Vanilla Ice cream and their homemade caramel Sauce.
Delicious onion rings.
After a hearty lunch we went back to Napali to try and figure out how to get to one of the popular sites, Napili beach. It took a while to find the right spot (the parking lot is a small space located inside two hotel parking lots) and we had to wait for someone else to leave before we could park, but we eventually got in and made our way down.
Napili Beach is a good place for kiddies. It is located right off the hotels, so it will be crowded, but there is still a lot of active sea life right when you step into the water. It is a perfect beginners place for snorkeling.
People were on the rocks jumping to the ocean. Unaware of the strength of the ocean.
The same spot seconds later as a wave hit the rocks.
A little slice of paradise.We drove back to our hotel after the long day out. After some rest and lounging around we headed out to dinner.
Mama's Fish House - (WARNING: the following link autoplays music)
Mama's fish house is an incredibly popular restaurant in Paia. Reservations are a must as it is full almost all the time. It came with glowing recommendations.
Relaxer Creamy blend of coconut, cacao liquor, pineapple and vodka
Mai Tai Roa Ae - A potent mix of four light and dark rums, velvet falernum flavoring and island fruit juices topped with 151 Rum.
A weird shot glass before the meal. It tasted of ginger.
Macadamia Nut Crab Cakes - with fire and ice relish.
Grilled Maui He'e (octopus)
Stellar Bay Oysters on the half shell with Hali'maile pinapple mignonette.
Shrimp Won Tons with macadamia nut dipping sauce.
Papa's three fish sashimi - salmon with coconut-chili and Molokai pink sea salt, ahi with star anise-daikon and kukui nut salt, Kampachi with pineapple-pomegranate and Hawaii island black sea salt.
Tahitian Ceviche - Ahi Marinated in lime and coconut milk, in a fresh coconut.
Wasabi crusted calamari
Polynesian Black Pearl -Liliko’i chocolate mousse in a pastry seashell
Liliko’i Crème Brulèe

The meal was supurb. An Amazing treat and delight for the senses.
Outside the restaurant.

After that we headed back home and crashed for the night. This was our last dinner in Maui and it was an aamazing experience. The next morning we woke up and packed our bags, said goodbye to our lovely host, then asked him where we could get some breakfast before heading out to the airport. He told us about a spot not too far that had excellent breakfast so we headed there.
Colleen's Restaurant and bar

Coffee of course!

Eggs Benedict - over toasted English muffin with roasted potatoes and Ham.

Hangover Cure - Sauteed together in a skillet, roasted potatoes, jack and cheddar cheese, black forest ham, onion, green chilies, with salsa and sour cream, and wheat toast.

The meal was scrumptious and filling.
This was our last view of Maui at Hookipa Lookout in Paia before heading back to home in California.

Aloha, Maui!