Travels in Canada - Winnipeg: Day 4

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We had heard many rave reviews for the restaurant beneath our sleeping chambers. It was called the Current and located inside of the hotel. We definitely wanted to try it. Saving a restaurant inside of our hotel sounded like a good plan for when we were tired of traveling and wanted some good food without going to far.

That day arrived on day 4. Traveling can take a lot out of you especially when you are getting up early to beat the crowds and get stuff done. Getting out of bed was harder than the day before and the thought of walking around wasn't met with open arms. Our thoughts were then set in stone after looking out the window. This was our first morning waking up to rain. There was a passing drizzle over the course of the last few days but nothing to this extent. This was rain, the kind that a few seconds out in it will drench you to the bone. So, for breakfast we decided to head down stairs and enjoy our coffee and spend the morning waking up like we do every Sunday back home. No plans for the day except an office dinner party.

Breakfast at The Current was very disappointing. There was a severe lack of fluff in their flavorless omelets. The only good part of breakfast was their toasted marble rye bread.
French Quarter - sauteed crimini mushroom, tarragon and gruyere swiss cheese.
Croque Monsieur - black forest ham, plum tomato and the Current's signature four cheese blend
After a disappointing breakfast we went back up to our hotel room to lounge around and check out what would be happening for the day. The rain outside was still on going and we took longer than necessary getting ready for our outdoor trip due to the time we took staring out the window and over the city.

After taking half the day to get ourselves together we decided to treat ourselves to some crepes for lunch. So we did what any native Winnipeger would do desiring a delicious wrapped up pancake. We took off to Osbourn Village.

Kawaii Crepe AGAIN - The idea was to try something else. Something the opposite of our breakfast crepes we had before. Something on the other end of the taste spectrum. We of course picked the most logical thing. After dinner dessert.
Tiramisu Crepe - coffee infused nutella & cream cheese, whip cream, crumbled lady fingers and a cookie stick

Fruitella - nutella and banana.

Dessert crepes are how we knew crepes best. Sweet and savory. Like an ice cream cone. Goodness all wrapped up in the palm of your hand. Both crepes were amazing. You just can't go wrong with them.

The rest of our day passed slowly. The kind of day when you have plans to do something important, so you don’t plan anything else for the entire day because you want to show up fresh so you can enjoy the evening. The issue with this, we were awake and done with lunch by 10. There was 8 hours to kill with nothing planned. We headed out to meet with some friends to kill the time together.

Later that evening we were invited to a place we were trying to avoid and not excited about visiting at all.
Bistro 7 ¼ Despite the crowd and the noise, it was an amazing meal. The wait between appetizers and meal was about an hour. Be prepared for a crowd, loud music. The service was a little slow due to the amount of people but our waitress was really attentive. Our drinks were kept full at all times.

Food that we tried:
Le Fromage - cheese, dried fruits, nuts, baguette and crackers. If there's one thing I can't get enough in Canada, it's the cheese.
Radishes with butter and salt. You'd think they'd spice it up, but no it's just radishes, butter, and a slice of very, very plain bread.
Spinach, fennel and orange salad. Very tasty dressing, but it was a bit overwhelming. A tad less would have balanced it out.
Creamy sheep’s cheese with lavender honey and toasted walnuts. Creamy and delish!
Veal and foie gras sliders on brioche buns with sea salt. These small bite size treats were good and rich.
Duck confit with sour cherries on brown butter and parsnip puree. An amazing dish. A perfect blend of flavors.
Chicken livers with fort garry dark ale, bacon and caramelized onions. The bread made it a bit difficult to bite into, but it was a nice balance of textures and flavors.
Elvis's favourite pound cake with flambeed bananas and ice cream. Sweet and creamy.
Creme Brulee with drunken orange. A taste of heaven!
Bistro 7 ¼ was an amazing restaurant that really exceeded our expectations. It was packed and loud, but the food was well worth it. This is a great place to take some friends and enjoy the night out.

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