Travels in Canada - Calgary: Day 6

You are reading Day 6 of our adventure. To start at Day 1, go here. Work has taken up a bit of our time. Getting these pictures of our day in Calgary up. Will hopefully have more to say about them later.

Our trip to Calgary was the first time for me and second time for my S.O. My S.O. loved the place and we can hopefully post some of his pictures from his first trip up soon. On the drive into town from the airport I was a bit shocked at how flat Calgary is.
Strolling through downtown Calgary.
See how pretty it is and sun was still up. It was barely 9pm.
The Himalayan

We arrived late and wasn't sure it will stay open and they let us in. The food was superb and the service was excellent and accommodating. We requested to be served "family style" so we could all sample the cuisine. The cuisine was really something that you should try if you have never tried Nepalese before. It's full of flavor and spices.
vegetable and chicken momos, vegetable chatamari and choyla baji
chili chicken stir fry, himalayan lamb, nepalese tarkari and butter chicken.
A view of downtown Calgary.
Midnight in Calgary. Amazing views on our drive back to the hotel.
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