The Salted Pig

The Salted Pig
3700 12th Street
Riverside, CA 92501

It's always a nice treat to find something new (new to us) that is somewhat local. The Salted Pig is a casual gastropub located in the heart of downtown Riverside. Being a new discovery we wanted to sample the majority of what they had to offer in small bites. We placed our order and settled in. The pub is cozy and clean. Chalkboards cover the walls scrawled with the pubs various offerings of independent and fresh brews. Our waitress was polite and friendly. We asked her for the popular and favorites small dishes for us to sample. She was off and then returned, a bit faster than we expected.
Ale battered dates : bacon wrapped, cream cheese stuffed and yogurt & honey dip
The Ale battered dates are a MUST TRY, but save them for last. They are listed as an appetizer, but the sweetness qualifies them more on the desert side. You'll be skeptical at first but they are savory creations worth having.
Mac n' Cheese : cheddar, smoked gouda, parm and shallot

If you are a big fan of Mac n Cheese, the Mac n Cheese available at the Salted Pig is flavorful.
Filthy Fries - beer cheese, herbs and roasted garlic

The Fries were a bit heavy and the cheese sauce was slightly bland. More were left on the plate than consumed.
Street tacos : pork belly, mango salsa, cilantro and lime

The street tacos were very, very good. Soft, flavorful pork bellies on warm corn tortillas with the perfect blend of mango salsa, cilantro and lime. A perfect lunch time meal.
Roasted Bone Marrow : rooster sauce, radish, basil and lime

Due to the listing of rooster sauce (sriricha) on the ingredients of the Roasted Bone Marrow, we were expecting a bit of spiciness. There was none. The rooster sauce, if there was any, wasn't tasted at all and the plate was much sweeter than we had been expecting. It was also warm and greasy, as if it had been reheated instead of cooked to order, which we had suspected with the other dishes.

The appetizers we had at the Salted Pig, were all tasteful on their own, but also very rich. The only item that were served hot were the Ale Battered dates and the Street Tacos, the rest of the items were served faster than it would be possible to cook-to-order and arrived slightly warm. If you happen to be in downtown Riverside area it might be worth popping in for the tacos and a beer or two. The larger meals and hamburgers looked interesting. Hopefully, in the future, we can follow up with some of their larger entrees.