• Fresh Figs with Goat Cheese and Honeycomb

    The weather has been humid out here lately. The skies in the evening after the storms go red. The clouds move and change quickly. What starts as a hot humid desert day quickly changes to a thunderstorm. The end of summer? The start of fig season. Figs are only harvested twice a year. They look like large cartoonish droplets of water sitting on your plate, ready to be spliced open to reveal the treasure inside. It's good to get them when in season as they can't be found to often in stores since they do not keep for long.

    The farmer's market has figs for $1 each, but a very limited supply. Their coloring is like that of fresh gala apple, with more of a green undertone. Creamy goat cheese goes very well with figs. If you can find it, raw natural honey will sometimes have the honeycomb inside the jar. Using the honeycomb adds a sweetness that the figs sometimes lack when not fully ripe. Add a little bit of fresh ground black pepper for a slight spice and you have a perfect mid day snack or afternoon dessert.

    • fresh figs
    • soft goat cheese
    • raw honey
    • honeycomb
    • ground black pepper

    Leave the figs out at room temperature but it must be eaten a day or two after purchase. Figs will keep in the refrigerator a bit longer, but it detracts from their full flavor.